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ZyCor Color Coat Aerosol 13oz

13 Ounce

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ZyCor Color Coats are designed to maintain their color and withstand automotive high temperatures. ZyCor Color Coats are used as a top coat over corrosion resistant ZyCor Primer. Each is packaged in an easy to apply aerosol. Application instructions are available and should be followed to achieve full performance of the ZyCor products.

ZyCor Color Coats

ZyCor high temperature corrosion resistant coatings is the newest product in a full line of underhood and under car thermal insulating coatings for the automotive market. Proven well in excess of the highest automotive engine, turbo and exhaust temperatures.

ZyCor Color Coats are applied as a topcoat over ZyCor high temperature corrosion resistant primer. ZyCor is a natural extension of industry proven, auto enthusiast preferred products sold by HushMat.

ZyCor is the first-ever durable and effective thermal corrosion protection solution that outperforms tapes, wraps and other spray coatings.

Features and Benefits

  • Do It Yourself high temperature corrosion resistant coating.
  • Applied as a top coat over ZyCor Primer to provide outstanding corrosion resistance and attractive color to headers, manifolds, exhaust and turbos.
  • Tested and proven to perform well in excess of automotive high temperatures.
  • Apply to automotive, marine, power sports, off-road and heavy truck components.
  • Air Dry (8 hours) or oven cure (350 F for 30 minutes).
  • Packaged in easy to apply 13oz aerosol cans.
  • Outperforms wraps and tapes and other spray products.

Usage and Application Information